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aleo solar

Founded in 2001, aleo is now recognized as the most trusted solar panel manufacturer. All of the company's products are manufactured at aleo's one and only production facility in Prenzlau, Germany.


Fighters for
solar energy

We fight for a simple cause: the perception of the sun as an everyday source of energy. We are dedicated to designing your solar panels that are guaranteed to last a lifetime, come what may. At aleo we think long-term. That's why we want something that lasts, whether we're making products or the relationship with our customers.

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Exclusive solar technology.
From the heart
the Uckermark.

We want to build trust. We want to live sustainably. We want to fight climate change. We want to start today. And we want to show you how you can be part of the solution. Join us on a journey to change the world.

A history of excellence


aleo solar foundation

aleo solar is founded by the German Marius Eriksen, a
because of his social commitment with the Order of Merit
Federal Republic of Germany distinguished pioneer and committed citizen.


Part of the Bosch Group

The Bosch Group takes over the majority of the shares

Sustainability is part of our DNA

Sustainability is much more than just a trend for us.


aleo was founded over 20 years ago by solar pioneers with the vision of making an important contribution to the fight against climate change.




Be inspired by particularly beautiful objects with solar rooftop systems.



Discover the diverse possibilities for generating solar energy in the roof cladding.


Carports & Terraces

Carports and terraces can also generate solar power.

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Solar architecture

The whole building as a solar power plant. Solar architecture can be so beautiful.

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