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A strong choice.

Our modules should work across generations. As long as we are a strong partner at your side.


You can be assured of unmatched warranties and the reliability of a well-established association of companies.

Close by & there for you.

We are not far away at all, more precisely: in the Brandenburg Uckermark.

So close we can always be there for you.

Tell us what is important to you.


25 years
Product Guarantee

aleo modules are so good that they come with a 25-year product guarantee from the date of purchase. This applies to the Premium and the Premium in-roof

Our BIPV module even has a 30-year product guarantee.

25 year performance guarantee

The performance of all glass-foil modules is also guaranteed for 25 years. Because the power output remains high over these periods, which is guaranteed to you in the 2nd year of operation for modules from our premium LEO line with at least 98% and in the 25th year of operation with at least 85.12% of the nominal power.

100% assumption of costs
in case of warranty

If one of our solar modules should show damage under our product guarantee, we will take over
we 100% of the costs. This means that in addition to the replacement delivery of the module, we also cover the transport costs for the replacement delivery and those associated with dismantling or reinstallation
bear the associated costs.

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Customer service

If one of your solar panels ever malfunctions, contact your installer. We'll work with him to fix the disruption in no time. Otherwise, contact our customer service.

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