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Building-integrated photovoltaics

Why should photovoltaics only be limited to roof areas. If photovoltaics become an integral part of architecture, entire facades can become solar power plants.


The solution: the solar laminated safety glass Elegante and the solar insulating glass Isolante.


Solar patio covers

A solar terrace is your clever alternative to conventional patio roofing. It protects against all kinds of weather and creates beautiful plays of light and shadow.

Solar carports

A solar carport not only protects the e-car, but also generates the electricity for charging. You charge green electricity right on your doorstep.


Solar facades

Green electricity from the building envelope. Elegante becomes an integral part of the architecture in the facade and turns your building into a solar power plant.

BIPV products

With solar modules from aleo, you have numerous options for generating green electricity in the building envelope.


The solar laminated safety glass Elegante from aleo can be toughened in facades.


The insulating glass Isolante has the same product characteristics as Elegante; it is also equipped with insulating properties.


Solar laminated safety glass


The frameless photovoltaic glass has a transparency of about 28%. This creates pleasant shading. The module can be prestressed in the building envelope.


Two 4mm thick glasses on the front and back ensure the necessary robustness. Thanks to the safety glass used, the modules are approved by the DIBt for both overhead installation and vertical glazing.

Translucent and efficient


  • Transparency ~28%

  • Construction product according to DIN 18008 guideline. For vertical and
    Overhead glazing (abZ* from DIBt Z-70.3-232).

  • 30 year product guarantee

  • 30 year performance guarantee

Solar insulating glass

Isolante is a photovoltaic insulating glass and is therefore ideal for all warm facades. The front is formed by our laminated safety glass PV Module Elegante. The back consists of a 4 + 4 mm VSG float glass and the space in between is filled with heat-insulating argon gas. The module size is 1,600 x 950 mm². You can find more information in our data sheet. Other sizes are currently not possible. The standard version is double glazing. Triple glazing, for example, is also possible on request.

With extra insulation properties

  • Isolante is insulating and heat protection glazing with an excellent U-value (1.1 W/(m²K))

  • Optimum thermal protection thanks to the filling of thermally insulating argon gas.

  • 30 year product guarantee

  • 30 year performance guarantee


* The product and performance guarantee relates exclusively to the PV component of the insulating glass


Solar-active construction pays off

At aleo, we offer you a variety of products for integrating photovoltaics into the building envelope. They cover some or even all of your energy requirements with green solar power. Energy and monetary yields are generated on roofs and also in the facade. In addition, more and more building authorities are prescribing the use of solar systems. With sufficient solar surfaces, architects and planners can easily meet the requirements.


The frameless photovoltaic laminated safety glass has an installed transparency of around 28%. This creates pleasant shading and offers you additional functional options such as light and sun protection.

Particularly aesthetic

In contrast to conventional building-integrated PV solutions, Elegante's junction boxes are unobtrusively attached to the module edge. The entire PV system appears homogeneous and particularly appealing from both sides.


​Two glasses with a thickness of 4 mm on the front and on the back ensure the necessary robustness. Due to the safety glass used, the modules are approved by the DIBt for overhead installation as well as for vertical glazing.

Limitless possibilities

It doesn't matter whether it's a solar carport, solar patio roof or even an entire facade in which green electricity is produced thanks to building-integrated photovoltaics.

Data sheets - data and facts,
that convince. 

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light and shadow effects

Our rooftop modules are so robust that they have often been installed for projects under particularly inhospitable conditions. aleo modules even produce sustainable electricity on an arctic research station. 

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