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Innovative solar technology

Our goal is to manufacture the most efficient solar modules. The world needs solar energy and we are committed to pushing the limits of this technology.

With our technological innovations, we have often set new standards within the solar industry.


A powerful force

Our solar modules consist of highly efficient, monocrystalline photovoltaic cells. When selecting our cells, we rely on the best cell technology. This is reflected in a particularly long product service life as well as the industry-leading performance of aleo solar doubles.


Made to work

Our high-efficiency solar panels are designed for real-world use.

Decades of sustained performance.

In every situation. No matter what it may be.


Better low light behavior

Our technology delivers more energy under real conditions. They produce up to 5% more electricity than conventional technologies. The performance is maintained, even at dusk.


Effective architecture

We assemble the components in each solar panel with more precision and care than the industry standard.



cell connector

Patented cell connectors that improve the absorption of the incident light and thus the performance.


Discover the best products on the solar market.

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