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Arctic research station


The first "solar park" in Antarctica was put into operation at the Casey research station. 

Casey is located on the edge of the Antarctic ice cap, on the Windmill Islands. Only rarely, in summer, do temperatures climb above freezing; in the arctic winter, the average is -20 to -30 degrees Celsius. The temperature extremes are -41°C in July.

Most of the time there are strong winds, which can escalate to storms with gusts of over 250 km/h. Our panels were chosen because they are particularly weather-resistant. 

The system of 105 rooftop solar modules from aleo solar has been mounted on the north wall of a building container. It feeds 30 kW of renewable energy into the power grid. That is about 10 % of the station's total demand.

The panels were mounted in such a way that they receive a lot of solar radiation and at the same time are protected by the flush wall installation from the harsh winds that would otherwise tear the panels from their anchoring.

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