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Only the best is good enough.

People, processes, expertise and experience. These are the components of pioneering solar modules of the highest quality.

We are experts in our field and know that every solar panel we produce represents reliable solar energy. That's why we give you our promise of quality without ifs or buts.

Image by Artem Sapegin

The aleo quality formula

A lot happens before our solar modules reach your warehouse or construction site. The work that our research and development experts put into the modules is confirmed by external tests and the quality certified.


We are only satisfied when our products are significantly better than the industry standard. To ensure that every module actually meets this standard later on, we constantly test during production.

Product design with the focus on customer benefit

When designing and developing our products, we work closely with our customers. Because it is important to us that our products are tailored exactly to your needs.

Intensive development work & stringent material selection

Choosing the right components ensures the stability and performance of our products. We test all new materials at least twice as long as required by the IEC standards and, if necessary, even longer. This is how we simulate the technical service life of our modules under the most extreme conditions. 23 x triple climate chamber tests, tightened reality under extreme conditions

Testing by independent institutes

Independent tests have proven that our modules are among the most reliable in the entire solar industry.

Production-accompanying quality controls

Extensive tests for reproducible high quality.
3x 100% in-line EL measurement
100% diode testing

100% frame & geometry control

Comprehensive guarantee packages

25 year product guarantee

25 year performance guarantee
100% assumption of costs in the case of a guarantee


Confirmed by independent institutes

We not only promise that our quality is well above the industry standard. We can prove it.

The LEO series is certified according to the latest standards:
IEC 61215:2021 & IEC 61730:2016


Optimized for extreme environmental conditions

+ Salt mist resistance

+ Ammonia resistance

+ Sand and dust resistance



Extreme degradation resistant

+ PID resistance

+ LeTID resistance



weather resistant

+ Hail resistant (class 4)
+ pressure load 8100 Pa
+ Suction load 3600 Pa

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