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Aleo Solar GmbH gibt Details zur neuen Modulserie mit 400 W Spitzenleistung bekannt

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The photovoltaic modules of the "Leo" series are available with an output of up to 400 watts. The series is ideal for systems in the private and commercial sectors that need to be particularly durable and in which a lot of energy has to be generated in a limited space. The module series will be available this winter.

The main product "Leo 400 W" is a module with a white back sheet. The high performance is achieved, among other things, by using larger wafers in a half-cell design. Furthermore, aleo uses innovative multi-busbar technology. A full black version will also be part of the series.

With the Leo series, aleo solar GmbH is once again launching a module that is well suited for handling on the roof. The dimensions of the main module are 1750 by 1140 mm and it weighs around 22 kilograms. "It was particularly important to us to find the optimum between module area and high performance," explains aleo's head of quality, Dr. Alexander Kasic.

In order to ensure a great deal of flexibility when installing difficult roof surfaces, both modules, the one with the white and the one with the black backing foil, are also available in a smaller format. These modules measure 1560 by 1140 mm and can be interconnected with the corresponding large counterpart.

aleo's in-roof system, the Solrif module, will also be transferred to the new line. The new Solrif product will have a grid dimension of 1140 by 1590 mm.

For the market launch, aleo deliberately allowed itself time for comprehensive tests. The interplay of possible material combinations was checked and tested in the in-house test center until the optimal combination was found. Promising products then went through further internal and external tests that far exceeded the industry standard. Finally, a product was created that met the manufacturer's high standards in terms of durability, quality and safety. The series is awarded the new IEC standard (IEC 61215:2021). In addition, the Leo series will acquire the same certificates as the current generation of modules.

The above-average durability and robustness of the product line are also reflected in the comprehensive guarantees. Aleo grants a 25-year product and performance guarantee on all product variants. The company has succeeded in developing a product that meets the quality standards that aleo has stood for for 20 years.

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