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Aleo kündigt neue Modulserie mit 400 W Spitzenleistung sowie Erweiterung der Produktionskapazität an.

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The German manufacturer announces the launch of a 400W module for the private sector. The module will be available in series from the third quarter of 2021.

The module manufacturer and system provider is planning a new production line with increased capacity in Prenzlau, Brandenburg. aleo solar GmbH has been manufacturing solar modules in the small East German town since 2001, which are fully developed and produced there.

"As a German company, it was particularly important to us when setting up the new line to strengthen the local market and create a particularly sustainable product," says aleo's CEO William Chen. Most of the systems in the new line come from Europe.

The next generation of modules will be produced on the new production line, the flagship product of which will be a 400 W module with a white rear film for the rooftop area. A module with a black back sheet will also be available.

In addition, the manufacturer has announced that there will also be a smaller module that can be connected to the corresponding standard aleo modules. This enables more efficient use of "difficult" roof areas such as gabled and hipped roofs. The Solrif in-roof solution will also be transferred to the new line.

The comprehensive guarantee packages that the company currently offers should be retained. “We are convinced of the reliability and durability of our modules. It is therefore a matter of course for us to continue to grant the 25-year product and performance guarantee. It is important to us to support both our existing and our new customers with high-quality products in the long term.”

In order to continue to guarantee this quality, aleo uses a very comprehensive analysis and selection process for technologies and materials. Various components from well-known manufacturers are carefully and thoroughly tested and combined with each other until the high expectations of the customers are met. The company can fall back on research cooperations with renowned institutes.

The result is a module that optimally combines low electricity production costs and maximum product reliability. The quality and safety of the modules are certified according to the same high standards that aleo has stood for for 20 years. In this way, aleo and its specialist partners can commit to offering the most reliable energy solution.

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