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aleo präsentiert neues Premium-Modul für Schweizer Solrif-Solardachziegel

The premium modules from aleo's new LEO series are also available as solar roof tiles. With LEO Sol, aleo is launching a high-performance half-cell module that is integrated into the roof surface using the Solrif in-roof photovoltaic mounting system from Ernst Schweizer AG. The glass film module with black backing film is larger and more productive than its predecessors. When installing with Solrif, the classic roof tile is replaced by the solar roof tile, creating a high-quality and homogeneous look on the roof.

New efficiency class for a proven system

The new monocrystalline premium module LEO Sol with a size of 1,169 mm x 1,607 mm x 17 mm and a peak power of 345 W consists of 96 half-cells. By using silicon half-cells with 10 busbars, aleo minimizes series resistance and thus maximizes the efficiency of its LEO premium modules. Thin, round wires are used instead of flat wire, so that more light hits the cells. The division of the cells and the closely spaced busbars also ensure that the modules have a longer service life, as additional current paths are created.

With the Solrif in-roof PV mounting system from Ernst Schweizer, which has been tried and tested for over 20 years, LEO Sol is laid overlapping and tension-free on the pitched roof instead of being clamped. Just like clay roof tiles, the solar roof tile is laid directly on the battens. In addition to partial roofs, full roof coverings are also possible: Solrif dummy modules offer design options for homogeneously integrating corners and edges around chimneys, skylights or dormers into the roof. Due to the free bottom edge of the frameless modules, the Solrif system is self-cleaning and requires virtually no maintenance.

Easy planning, comprehensive testing

With the planning software Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer, the system configuration with LEO Sol can be planned easily and safely, taking statics and electrics into account. LEO Sol has been fire tested and certified as a hard roofing, is slug track free and can withstand hailstones up to 40mm.

Solar aesthetics Made in Europe

Thanks to the uniform look of the solar roof tile, Solrif is also suitable for use on listed buildings and for aesthetically demanding new construction and renovation projects. “As the global market leader in in-roof photovoltaic installation, we place particularly high demands on the performance and aesthetics of our solar roof tiles. Together with aleo and LEO Sol, we offer an in-roof PV solution that combines the latest technology with a stylish look,” says Helge Hartwig, Solrif Sales Manager at Ernst Schweizer.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand in the production of both system components: The LEO Sol premium module is produced at aleo in Prenzlau using 100 percent renewable energy and comes with a product and performance guarantee of 25 years. Ernst Schweizer produces the Solrif mounting system with durable aluminum directly in Switzerland. Since the solar roof tile replaces the classic roof tile, both materials and work steps are saved during assembly. And thanks to short transport routes within Europe, the LEO Sol-Solrif system combination causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions on delivery.

William Chen, CEO at aleo: “Our new LEO series is the most powerful that aleo has produced to date. The LEO Sol module meets the high quality standards of the new series. The black back foil rounds off the classy look of the module. Together with the Swiss mounting system Solrif, we are launching a high-quality and sustainable in-roof photovoltaic solution `Made in Europe` that is impressive.”

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